Rules!  Yes, we have a few.

We provide you a SAFE, clean, reliable, properly maintained vessel and we ask this of you!

  • Our boats are not allowed on the water from dusk til dawn, no exceptions
  • We don't allow our boats past the reef without prior approval and additional safety gear that's required
  • We rent fishing and family boats, NOT speedboats. Limits should be respected
  • You pay for all of your fuel and oil usage (the faster you go, the more you'll spend)
  • If you break it,  you pay to have it repaired and downtime at 50%
  • If you lose it,  you pay to replace it
  • If your scared to death that morning, maybe you should take a guide along
  • If you damage others or their property, you are responsible
  • Drinkers....You must have a designated driver
  • Absolutely NO DRUGS!! Between border patrol, Florida fish and wildlife, Monroe county sheriff, border patrol, homeland security,  and the coast guard you stand a good chance of getting caught.  We don't want to discuss the cost of replacing a confiscated vessel in state or federal waters.
  • Our boats run on NON-ETHANOL fuel only.  Ethanol fuel causes internal damage to the fuel system.  Any fuel filling must be documented with a receipt from one of the marinas or stations with NON-ETHANOL fuel.  Violation of this rule requires an 8 hour shop visit to have system cleaned

Reservation/Cancellation Policy

Multi-Day Rentals

We charge 25% deposit payable by credit card at the time of reservation for rentals. We require 2 weeks notice for cancellation of a reservation or the deposit will become non-refundable and issued as a credit toward a future rental valid for one calendar year from the original rental start date.  Any cancellation resulting in a credit card refund is subject to a 5% fee to cover our transaction costs.

Exceptions to this policy

Cancellations in cases of heavy rain or small craft warnings are not subject to this cancellation policy. Cancellations due to heavy rain or small craft warnings may be made by phone as late as the start time of your rental. You MUST CALL to let us know you are not coming, or we will charge the credit card you provided at the time of reservation a $50 no-call-no-show fee. Please do not ASSUME we know that you wish to cancel due to weather. If your rental is multi-day and you have bad weather as described above, you MUST RETURN the boat or have us come pick it up if you want any refund due to weather. Our policy is that if you have the boat, you pay for it.


Float Plan

If you are going for just a few hours or a few days, let someone know where you expect to be and when you expect to return.  A float plan includes a description of your boat, who is on board, a description of the safety equipment you are carrying, where you expect to be, and when you expect to be there. Instruct the person holding the float plan to notify the Coast Guard or other appropriate agency if you do not return within a reasonable time after your scheduled arrival (taking into account weather, etc.). When you arrive at your destination, or if your plans change, notify the person holding your float plan to avoid unnecessary worry and possible waste of search and rescue resources.

We will discuss a float plan for your rental.  A float plan allows me to estimate your fuel consumption as well as a good idea of where you will be.  If you decide to alter the float plan without advising me you are assuming all responsibility of the vessel.  So,  if you decide to take a little side trip and run out of gas or breakdown there will be additional charges to retrieve you and the vessel.  These mishaps start at $150 and have exceeded $1000. 



We require a $500 deposit on all powerboat rentals.  This can be paid in cash or credit card.  Cash will be handed back to you minus any damages you might have done. Credit card refunds take 3-5 business days to process.  We will inspect the vessel with you prior to departure and again on your return.

Our most common reason to not refund a complete deposit is due to prop damage.  We supply a new or like new prop on each boat.  If you run aground and damage it you must provide a new prop for the next customer.  The charge for this damage can vary with the size of the prop and extent of damage.  Most of our props cost less than $175.  If you obviously ran aground and dug your way thru the sand the damages will be more.  The paint will have worn off of the lower unit (we keep them painted fresh) and you will have sucked sand and crushed coral into the cooling system of the motor.  This will eat up your deposit very quickly and could potentially destroy the engine that you are responsible for.  If you follow our float plan and use good judgment you will receive a full refund like the majority of our customers.